Watch Kennedy Call Out Dems For Their Continued Harassment of Donald Trump

Nadler and the Dems are always going on about how they want Trump’s tax returns. They are just trying to find a way to incriminate him.

They have failed with the Mueller Report and since he has not given them up because he is under audit, Dems are hoping there is something there. But Trump does not have to hand them over there is no law dictating all presidents must publically reveal their tax returns.

It has been a tradition, but that’s it.

Senator John Kennedy talked to CNN’s Jake Tapper about tax returns in April. Kennedy defended Trump and went a step further to say that the Dems are just trying to find a way to mess with him.

Tapper asked Kennedy his opinion about the president’s legal team’s letter to the Treasury Department.

“Jake I will be very blunt. Chairman Neal, powerful man, head of Ways and Means. I know he’s an adult but I don’t think he’s like a real adult.

He says that he needs Trump’s tax returns, he’s said it’s policy, not politics. He has said, I think on CNN, that the reason he needs them is that he needs to determine how well the IRS is auditing taxpayers. I can’t believe he really thinks the American people are gonna fall for that. It must really suck to be that dumb.

Look, this is very simple. Mr. Neal wants to screw with the president. He doesn’t think the president oughta be president. Well, you know, words can’t express how much I don’t care.

It’s not Mr. Neal’s call. The American people have chosen Donald Trump as president. If you don’t like it, in two years you can vote against it. In the meantime, don’t screw with him, let him try to be president.

Now Mr. Neal is not in good faith, nobody believes he’s in good faith. This is wildly dishonest, this is thoroughly in bad faith, and I don’t blame the president for pushing back.

There’s no requirement that he turn over his taxes. If I were running for president would I turn over my taxes? Yeah. But there’s no requirement. And Trump said I’m not gonna turn over my taxes, they’re being audited. The American people knew that when they voted for him, or didn’t vote for him. He won the election.

And Mr. Neal. I don’t mean any disrespect, but he’s not fooling anybody, he just wants to get these taxes so he can screw with the president.

You can vote against him but enough is enough.”

Watch The Video Below. (5:42)

Mr. Richard Neal is now chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, which makes him the top tax law writer in the country, since all tax revenue bills must start with him.

He flexed that position to send a letter to the IRS demanding to see six years of Mr. Trump’s returns, any information on audits he’s faced, and similar information for eight of his affiliated organizations.

As chairman, he is entitled to demand the information under Section 6103 of the tax code.”

This is just another disgruntled Dem. It is as Kennedy claims he is just trying to mess with Trump.