Watch: Teacher Sent Home For Wearing Shirt That Reads “Just Pray”

Public School these days are so afraid of offending people with opinions it is surprising they can properly teach. A School Teacher in Mobile Alabama is an example of this over the top Political Correct movement.

Chris Burrell the teacher that apparently broke the rules did not do anything obscene or even start spreading a particular religious perspective. No, all she did was wear a shirt that read “Just Pray.” A thing most religions would be accepting of. What made this whole situation even more ridiculous was how she got the shirt.

Burrell had bought the shirt in support of a local eleven-year-old girl, Aubreigh Nicholas. Aubrey has a tough story she had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. So it wasn’t as if Burrell had bought the shirt in efforts to spread any religion. But instead to help Aubrey out.

The school did not ask for these facts. They did not bother to ask about the shirt. The school administrator just told her to change her shirt or cover it up as per policy.

So at the point of looking and seeing ‘pray’ on it, the principal said, can you put on a sweater or something, knowing that there are other people who object to that…we have to be cognizant of everyone’s beliefs or everyone’s thoughts in a public school,” said Peek.”

So the teacher complied and went home to change her shirt that contained the unacceptable word on it.

I didn’t think twice about it. I wasn’t trying to promote religion, it was just my Monday feel-good shirt,” Burrell said

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After hearing where Burrell had purchased the shirt, the Principal had said that she is not against the fundraising effort of the little girl.

We’re totally supporting her,” said Peek. “I think that this was just an unfortunate connection there, but still the principal would have had to exercise her judgment.”

When did Pray become a bad word? It seems that all religions pray to something. So who is this shirt offending? With that backstory, the school should let her wear that shirt if only to help spread the news and get more donations for Aubrey.