Watch: ‘The Gloves Are Off!’ Trump Hammers Woke Companies, ‘They Should Give Money To the Families Of The…

During his second “peaceful protest” in Nevada this past weekend President Trump declared that “Now the gloves are off.”

President Trump hammered “stupid” corporations that announcing they are funding radical far-left organizations that rose up during the George Floyd riots.

“The corporations, these poor stupid people that run the — you know, they get paid a lot of money. They’re weak infective people, let’s face it,” Trump said at his rally in Nevada on Sunday night.

Trump said that he believes $100 – $250 million has been pledged to left-wing organizations since June.

“It’s so embarrassing … that money is not used for good reasons,” Trump said.

“They’ll be the first to go if the radical Left ever took — they’d throw those guys out like they were nothing,” he said. “If they were lucky, they’d just be thrown out. It would probably be a lot rougher than that.”

This is how a leader calls out violence:

This is how Joe Biden responds:

President Trump committed that he will never apologize for America like the Obama-Biden White House did.