What Dems Don’t Want You To Know: The True Face Of Socialism

Venezuelans have faced some true horrors since adopting socialism. Starvation may be the most reported issue but it is certainly, and sadly, not the only issue their citizens face.  If this is the future that socialist sweetheart Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez plans for America- count me out!

The people are starving. It’s got to the point where people were eating out of garbage cans and breaking into zoos for meat, according to Town Hall. Pets are being eaten. Children are resorting to prostitution for food. Medical supplies are dangerously low. It’s to the point where a couple of years ago, there were reports that hospitals were operating under 19th-century conditions

. Of course, looting is rampant, crime is up, and to prevent the appearance of the country falling apart, there’s a new food police unit: it’s illegal to wait in line for the supermarket to open. With the country in an economic spiral downward, inflation has gone through the roof. The nation is a mess.

As the crisis in Venezuela’s socialist dictatorship deepens – gripped by mass hunger, starvation and a lack of medical supplies – there is no comfort even for the dead, Fox News Reported.

“What is happening is medieval. People are ‘renting’ caskets for a service, but giving them back. The same casket is being used over and over again because people cannot afford to buy one,” Venezuelan opposition leader Julio Borges, who has been living in exile in the Colombian capital of Bogota for the past nine months, told Fox News. “And then they have to wrap the body in plastic bags for the burial. Others don’t have money for a land plot, so they are burying loved ones in their back garden.”

Borges said the “really creepy” problem of how to properly bury the dead has become the norm rather than the exception. Other Venezuelans concurred, indicating the use of “common graves,” along with backyard burials, was becoming standard.

For every day a body remains in the morgue, the cost rises, leaving families without the means for collection. In such cases, loved ones are simply left stranded – their relatives in mourning, not knowing what to do, and without closure.

“Funeral services are too expensive. Coffins are expensive, as well as paying for a place in the cemetery and everything that comes with it: the chapel for the service, the plate,” Julett Pineda, a health journalist for Efecto Cocuyo in Caracas, told Fox News. “People cannot have a decent funeral.”

I couldn’t imagine not being able to pay proper respects to my loved ones after they have passed. Then again, that’s the luxury we share living in a Republic and not a socialist dictatorship. Where even our unclaimed and unidentified bodies receive a burial of some kind.

What a hellhole.

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