Whitmer’s Michigan: BLM Thugs Attack Motorists With Guns & The Police Just Watch (VIDEO)

Thugs promoting Black Lives Matter blocked traffic in Lansing, Michigan, and even attacked a motorcyclist by pointing a gun at him.

A group of 30 protesters blocked Michigan Avenue and Foster St. which is a very busy intersection. Some of the protestors were open carrying long guns. In one instance a motorcyclist slowly approaches the intersection to scoot around, the protesters then confront him by pointing their weapons at him.

As the man attempted to make his way around the group one protester took his gun off safety then the organizer yelled at him through a bull horn.

Can’t ride anywhere in this direction,” Birdsong told him.

Police could be seen less than half a block away and did nothing to ensure the citizen’s safety.

The group then moved down the street toward the capitol and targeting a motorist trying to get down the street.

Birdsong accused the driver of driving his car into his legs.

“Put your car in reverse and get it off my legs!” he demanded.

The same gunman pointed his long gun at the motorist, who appeared to hold his hands up out the window in surrender.

“We can stay here all night. Back up off my legs!” Birdsong ordered as the man didn’t appear to be seeking confrontation but rather just use the public roadway.

The man said he had an emergency.

“If he has an emergency, why aren’t we letting him through?” a woman asked Birdsong.

“If he wouldn’t have got off, we would have had to deal with it,” Birdsong announced to the crowd, punching his fist into his palm.

“You got an emergency that’s okay, but it’s not a right to push me with your car,” he said.

Birdsong is a local activist who has been holding daily protests around the city.

“Lansing as a town doesn’t mean anything to me,” Birdsong recently told the Lansing State Journal.

“It’s the people. And it ain’t just the people of Lansing. It’s any people. If I’m around people and I happen to be the warrior of the crowd, those people mean something to me.”

Meanwhile, the police did nothing. Just a couple of months ago, Whitmer attacked protestors carrying long guns who were against her lockdown. She attacked them calling them radicals and nazi’s, will she condone this lawless behavior.

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