Why Top Tier Dems Are Flip Flopping On Trump Impeachment Talk

Democrats, like Al Greene, Maxine Waters, and Nancy Pelosi were shouting about Trump’s impeachment since he took office but in recent days they’ve taken a seat on the sidelines on the issue.

It makes you wonder what has changed that would cause someone, such as Pelosi, to publicly announce the discouragement of the discussion of impeachment. By Pelosi’s own admission she believes that pursuing impeachment will hand over the 2018 elections to Republicans. So, I guess they’re afraid of a ‘red wave’?

Anti-Trump columnist, John Nichols calls out the Democratic party for ‘playing political games’ with the legal system and voters.  Take a look.

As Written In John Nichols Article On The Nation:

It is staggeringly shortsighted for Democratic leaders in the House to suggest that members ought not discuss impeachment because they imagine that doing so might help to rally supporters of Trump in the mid-term elections. For some prominent Democrats, this is a ruse to obscure their cowardice. For others, this is evidence that they really are as politically inept as their critics suggest—since only a fool would imagine that, if Democrats do not mention the “i” word, then Trump will refrain from doing so. No matter what Democrats say,Trump and his ruthless political strategists will mount a fall campaign that claims a Democratic takeover of the House will initiate an impeachment inquiry.

The problem at this point is not merely what Trump will do. The problem is also what House Democratic leaders are not doing. They are not making it clear that an impeachment inquiry is always valid when there is evidence of presidential wrongdoing, evidence of cover-ups of that wrongdoing, and evidence of efforts to undercut investigations into that wrongdoing.

Nichols says this back and forth uncertainty is proof that Democrats are afraid of impeachment despite their constant threats to pursue President Trump’s impeachment. Which begs the question; why do Democratic leaders demand impeachment and discourage it in the same breath? The likely answer is not just ‘they have no evidence’ but that they’re also afraid of possible repercussions.

It could also be because they have no idea what they are doing. The Democratic party has long since lost their message, direction, and leadership. Maybe the simplest answer is the right one?