Woman Who Falsely Accused Texas Trooper Of Sexual Assault Won’t Face Charges [Video]

The Story That Shook Social Media Was Disproven By Dash And Body-Cam Footage But The Woman Who Falsely Accused The Texas State Trooper Od Sexual Assult Won’t Face Any Additional Charges?

The story originally spun on social media claimed Sherita Dixon-Cole was the victim who was wrongfully detained for driving under the influence. Dixon-Cole then alleged that she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by a Texas State Trooper who offered to ‘release her in return for sexual favors’.

Her accusations were quickly put to rest with the release of the two-hour footage of the woman’s arrest which showed the officer conducted himself professionally and that Dixon-Cole’s claim of assault was a lie. Unfortunately, the release came after the officer and his family received numerous death-threats from the outraged public and needed to be placed in protective services.

How can someone nearly ruin a person’s life and not face charges? Well, according to Fox News an Ellis County District Attorney, Patrick Wilson, said that Sherita Dixon-Cole reported the alleged assault to a detention officer on two separate occasions the night of her arrest, not to a sworn peace officer, meaning that she never actually filed a false report.

“Ms. Dixon made a general claim that the trooper made inappropriate physical contact with her. That claim was made to a detention officer, not to a peace officer. That fact is important in this office’s analysis,” his statement read.

As Reported By Marwa Eltagouri With The Washington Post:

Sherita Dixon-Cole was pulled over early Sunday by a Texas Department of Public Safety officer who suspected her of driving while intoxicated.

The story Dixon-Cole spun afterward was alarming: She claimed the trooper repeatedly told her he would let her go in exchange for sexual favors. When she said no, she claimed the trooper sexually assaulted her, according to a statement Monday from her attorney.

The 37-year-old North Texas woman’s story was widely shared on social media, aided and amplified by social activist Shaun King, who recently brought attention to the New York lawyer who made xenophobic comments about Spanish-speaking employees at a New York deli.

“This system was not designed to protect us — it was designed to punish us,” King wrote in a blog post, “and for it to do anything other than that — we must force it work on our behalf.”

But on Tuesday, the Texas Department of Safety released nearly two hours’ of body camera footage that starkly conflicted with Dixon-Cole’s claims. While parts of the video are blurred or inaudible to conceal Dixon-Cole’s personal information, it shows her being pulled over and asked to take a sobriety test. She’s then handcuffed and transported to the Ellis County jail, where she’s charged with a DWI. She was released Sunday night after posting bond.

Lee Merritt, Dixon-Cole’s Dallas-based attorney, apologized for her sexual-assault claims in a statement Wednesday, saying the footage conflicted with what was reported to him.

“It is deeply troubling when innocent parties are falsely accused, and I am truly sorry for any trouble these claims may have caused [the officer] and his family,” he wrote. “I take full responsibility for amplifying these claims to the point of national concern.”