Former Teacher Claims Her Right To Sleep With Minors Was Violated.

Ex-Teacher Feels Her Rights Were Infringed Upon.

Sex scandals are becoming the norm. These days Celebrities are constantly getting exposed for their part in sexual assault with the #METOO movement. But Hollywood is not the only place that seems to be overrun with sexual deviants. Schools are becoming less safe for students as the once trusted educators are starting to prey on students more and more.

An Alabama Teacher, Charli Jones Parker, 31, slept with two 16-year-old males. She was arrested and dodged a 12-year sentence by pleading out. So she instead received a 3-year sentence with 5 years probation. But she is not satisfied with her sentence nor the reason why she was jailed in the first place. Parker feels that her rights were violated, so she is appealing her case. Alabama sets the age of consent at 16, so she feels that she was well within her rights to sleep with the two teens.

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So she has found herself a lawyer and claims that she was only jailed due to her job as a Gym teacher. Therefore she feels her equal protection clause rights were violated because it treats school employees differently than other occupations.

Alabama law does not make it a crime for members of other occupations to have consensual sex with 16-, 17- and 18-year-olds, even when there is a position of trust or authority,” said Parker’s appellate attorney, Virginia Buck of Northport.

Certainly, anyone who has sexual contact with someone without their consent, or who is under the age of consent, should be criminally punished.

But to send someone to prison for a consensual sexual relationship with someone over the age of consent solely because they are a school employee treats school employees differently than everyone else.”

But other professions don’t have the same kind of one on one time with minors that Teachers do. Not only that but there is an implied responsibility that teachers take on. They are supposed to protect and teach students so students can better handle the many problems that may arise in the real world. A lot of students are raised by single mothers or broken families, so in many cases, teachers can be seen as mentors and are looked up to. But then you have people like the Parker’s who play on the trust and innocents of young students who rightly deserve to be locked up.