In An Uphill Battle Graham Pushes A Border Aiding Bill Through The Senate

Senator Lindsey Graham is calling out Dems that are not doing their jobs. Graham has been trying to pass a bill that will force migrants to apply for asylum before they enter our country. It will help slow the waves of migrants trying to enter our country. The bill will also extend the amount of time Border Patrol can hold migrants relieving some of the pressure they are under to figure out who is who. But Graham felt impeded by Dems as they were practically halting the progression of the bill. So he called them out and let everyone know that his committee will be one of action and he will not allow it to become another waste of time.

“ So Here’s the way I take what you did last week, you’re saying I really can’t be chairman. After seven weeks of holding my own bill, under this scenario, I can’t even pass a bill that I introduced as chairman because two of you won’t show up. Now it would be different if I hadn’t tried.

For seven weeks I withheld marking up this bill, and I got nowhere, and I am not going to get anywhere under the current construct until the political system responds differently to whats going on at the border. What you are telling me is that I should ignore what you did to me last week.“I will work with you as long as I can in good faith, but you are not going to take my job away from me! I take this very personally. I have tried my best to find a compromise. Last week you used the rules so I could not proceed after delaying for seven weeks.

That’s not gonna happen as long as I am chairman. You may not like what we do over here, you can vote no, but this committee is not going to be the dead-end committee on things that matter we are actually going to act. I hope it is bipartisan but if it is not then we are going to deal with the nation’s problems. I told the Border Patrol Agents I am going to do what I can and if it does not get any votes on the Democrat side of this committee, we’ll see if it gets votes on the floor…

Watch The Video Below.

In the end, he called out a particular Dem that he was misinformed about, but his point still stands. The Asylum Bill will greatly aid the border once it gets signed into law.