This Robber’s Disguise Will Make You Laugh

Robber Uses Hilarious Disguise To Rob Restaurant.

A Robber in Kentucky chose an absurd Coca-Cola disguise to rob Rally’s a fast food restaurant. Rally’s, sister company to the Checkers, is one of the largest double drive-thru restaurants in the US.  The walking soft drink, armed with a handgun, forced his way into the back of the Rally’s early morning last Monday.

Luckily the manager was the only one at the restaurant as it was well before the rest of the staff was scheduled to show up.

The Coca-Cola Man got away with $500 dollars and no one was physically hurt. Although the manager’s pride was a little tarnished and Coca-Colas good name was dragged through the mud.

Masks and disguises are pretty common throughout crimes and made popular by cinema. In Point Break they wear Presidential Masks or The Town with the nun costumes. Real life criminals sometimes will emulate art by copying popular media like one man who wore a Darth Vader Mask or commonly horror masks are used.

Other Criminals use clever disguises like a white man who wore a black man mask. Sadly criminals on a whole just don’t have the imagination that Coca-Cola Man had and just wear sunglasses and a hoodie.

Watch Footage of the Robbery Below.

As Reported By Trends Desk, The Indian Express

The 11 second video footage was released by the Henderson County police and it immediately became viral. The CCTV video footage shows the man entering the restaurant with a gun in his hand and forcing the manager back into the room and finally following him into another room.  The eatery in Kentucky is reported to be offering $5,000 reward to anybody who has information on the thief.

Well, this isn’t the first time a robber is dressed in a Halloween costume. Such cases have been reported earlier. But who would think of dressing as coca-cola? We wonder!