Hannity Reveals That The Anti-Trumpers In London Are Just As Clueless

London recently decided to do a peaceful protest against Trump. They had a large turnout and the people were donning all sort of anti-Trump clothing and or signs. But while they were doing that Hannity snuck in, dressed down from his usual suit and tie, and wanted to find out what this protest was all about. What are these British people really protesting anyway?

He found what most people find. They didn’t know what they were protesting or they had been watching too much of the heavily slighted MSM.

“I think a lot of British people are more intelligent than the Americans are when it comes to voting,” A protester claimed.

“I think he represents everything that is toxic about Western culture and Western history, and I’m furious,” another protester claimed.

Aside from the regular anti-Trump protesters, Hannity actual went a step further and found it was a protest based on a lot of propaganda.

Hannity: “Why are you here today?”

Protester: “I’m here to protest.”

Hannity: “What specifically don’t you like about Trump?”

Protester: “I don’t like his policies.”

Hannity: “What policies?”

Protester: “All of them.”

But Hannity persists and proves the protester doesn’t know any better.

Hannity:“Do you think that the NATO alliance that the United States of America is in is fair if they pay 70% of the bill?”

The protester shakes his head no.

Hannity:“What are you protesting, you are just here to have a party, be honest.”

Protester:” I can’t believe this is true man.”

Hannity finishes the segment with a quick sum up of the event.

“Alright, they didn’t have good reasons, but it was kind of a good party.”

This is what you get with Mainstream Media blasting Trump so often, a bunch of Trump haters that have no idea why they should be against Trump.

The sad part is that this is not isolated to London, plenty of Americans say the same things and have no more reason than “well that’s what the MSM says.”