LOL! Look What May Get Banned In Europe Amid Energy Crisis

All over Euopre officials are advising people “bundle up and get ready for outages” due to the fallout from the war in Ukraine.

Recently, energy officials prepared people for blackouts and winter hasn’t even settled in yet.

As temperatures drop Switzerland has developed a plan to prevent blackouts that would ban the use of electric vehicles.

Since the country relies on countries facing their own energy shortages for the winter for power Switzerland is putting together a four-step plan to conserve energy.

On of the steps is to ban EV use unless the trips is classified as “essential.”

The Dailymail reports:

The country gets around 60 per cent of its energy from hydroelectric power stations, such as dams across rivers or generators placed between lakes.

Around a third of its power comes from nuclear, which the government has committed to phasing out, and the remaining comes from a mixture of traditional fossil fuel plants and solar or wind generation.

Overall, Switzerland produces enough electricity each year to keep the lights on – but that statistic masks huge discrepancies month-to-month.

Because hydropower relies on rainfall and snow melt to top up rivers and reservoirs, it naturally increases during spring and summer but falls off in autumn and winter.

That means the Swiss export large amounts of power to neighbouring nations during the warmer, wetter months and import through the colder months.

In turn, that means energy shortages in Europe caused by Putin’s war in Ukraine will impact the country even though it burns almost no Russian gas.

Germany is Switzerland’s largest energy exporter and was hugely reliant on Russian supplies. France is second, and is currently suffering issues with its nuclear reactors.

Switzerland is also generating less energy than usual from its hydro plants because the exceptionally dry summer in Europe caused lakes and rivers to run low.

All public buildings will be heated to about 68 degrees and residents are being asked to lower the temperature of their washing machines.

Should restrictions need to increase store hours, Christmas lights and streaming services will be limited.

Just like how the country operated its COVID lockdowns they raise restrictions based on their ability to get power.



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