Trump Reveals Rhetoric Was All About Bringing Peace To Korea

Trump Reveals Rhetoric Was All About Bringing Peace To Korea.

The Summit with Kim Jong Un is history in the making. This is the first time a US President has been willing to have a sit down with a North Korean leader. This should have happened a long time ago but we have had leaders who were not willing to go the distance to make peace. But now we have Trump and he is willing to do whatever needs to be done.

After the historic summit between the two leaders, Trump sat down with Hannity and they talked about the meet.

Hannity: “You know a lot of people, critics quickly saying when you said little rocket man or fire and fury or when he said I’ve got a red button on my desk , you said well mine’s bigger and it works better than yours. How did it evolve from that to this?

Trump: “I think without the rhetoric we wouldn’t have been here. I really believe that. You know we did sanctions and all of the things you would do. But I think without the rhetoric you know, other administrations I don’t want to get specific on that. But they had a policy of silence. If they said something very bad very threatening and horrible just don’t answer. That’s not the answer. That’s not what you have to do.

So I think the rhetoric, I hated to do it, sometimes i felt foolish doing it, but we had no choice.”

Hannity: “So strategically you were doing it.”

Trump: “Well, yea and I think he gained respect, You know he is a strong guy. People were saying what’s he like? He’s got a very good personality, he’s funny and he’s very, very smart. He is a great negotiator, very strategic kind of guy.”

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Remember when all of the journalists were claiming Trump was going to start World War Three? Look where we are now. A couple of meetings away from brokering true peace in Korea. A peace that has been unobtainable for about half a century.